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**Note:The link of photocopy for B. Sc. ( Computer Science)(Rev.2013),B. Sc. ( Computer Science),B. Sc. (Biotechnology)(Rev.2013),B. Sc. (Biotechnology) is extended for two more days i.e on 19/12/2014 to 20/12/2014. The End date is 20/12/2014 at midnight. Students are requested to fill form within stipulated time.
**Note:Students who wish to apply for photocopy for the following courses can apply.There is no need to wait for Mark statement this time.
**Note: Before Revaluation , Student has to apply for photocopy of the Answerbook.After receieving photocopy student can apply for revaluation within 10 days after receipt of the same.
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BA LLB27-12-2014Oct-2014
B.C.A. (OLD)26-12-2014Oct-2014
PG D.F.T.(Rev 2014)26-12-2014Oct-2014
PG D.B.M. (2008)26-12-2014Oct-2014
B.C.A. (Rev 2013)26-12-2014Oct-2014
B.B.A.(Rev 2013)26-12-2014Oct-2014
P.G.D.B.M (REV.2013)26-12-2014Oct-2014
PG D.F.T.26-12-2014Oct-2014
B.C.A. (08)26-12-2014Oct-2014
PG D.I.E.M.24-12-2014Oct-2014
PG D.H.M. (Rev.09)24-12-2014Oct-2014
PG D.H.M.24-12-2014Oct-2014
PG D.C.M24-12-2014Oct-2014
P.G.D.I.E.M (REV.2013)24-12-2014Oct-2014
P.G.D.H.M (REV.2013)24-12-2014Oct-2014
P.G.D.C.M (REV.2013)24-12-2014Oct-2014
F.Y.B.A. (External) 22-12-2014Oct-2014
MCOM (External)(REV.2013)18-12-2014April-2014
B. Sc. ( Computer Science)(Rev.2013)17-12-2014Oct-2014
B. Sc. ( Computer Science)17-12-2014Oct-2014
B. Sc. (Biotechnology)(Rev.2013)14-12-2014Oct-2014
B. Sc. (Biotechnology)14-12-2014Oct-2014
B. Com.10-12-2014Oct-2014
F.Y.B.Com. (External)10-12-2014Oct-2014
B. Sc. (Animation)10-12-2014Oct-2014